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“Massage from the Heart”

This point is our dearest philosophy at Honua Therapy. How can we be of service to guests? How can we make a positive contribution to remedying and relieving the various problems guests bring to our attention? This attitude and orientation are constantly on our minds while servicing each guest. For this reason we try to stay in direct or tactile contact with guests through the servicing of massages and facials to gain the immediate feedback and make improvements guests want us to make. Also for this reason traditional forms and philosophies of massage from around the world are incorporated to complement the Traditions of Ho’oponopono and the Aloha of Lomi Lomi to help guests find solutions to specific stresses, pain and difficulties, specializing in traditional hot stone lomi lomi, custom massages and facials while emphasizing quality massage and facials at a reasonable price.

  • Guests who wish to have private spa service atmosphere and one to one focus and attention can find calm, peaceful and relaxing break from their work and vacation activities.
  • Guests can expect a fully custom tailored a massage and facial tailored for your specific problems and preferences. Please see our Specialty massages and our originally designed head to toe Spa Journey Massage Treatments.

Massage and Facial treatments bring together disciplines, philosophies and sensibilities of Hawaii, Japan, China, Thailand, and India. World massages are designed for overall relaxation and therapy. Specialty massages are tailored for specific requests, pressure preferences, mixing various disciplines and crafts to customize treatments according to the customer’s specifications.

Massage and Facials

as two pieces

of an overall Holistic

Spa Wellness Program

Guests Common Problems Remedied

  • Chronic pain, muscle tension
  • Insomnia and Restless Sleep
  • Mental Fatigue
  • Physical Fatigue
  • Work Related Stress
  • Parenting Related Stress
  • Pregnancy Related stress

The massage therapists and I have observed over the last 10 years of service to guests, the above issues being the most commonly expressed problems brought to our attention, that have been affecting their professional work performance across the board, cognition, memory, enjoyment of their valuable vacation time, inter personal relationships and interactions, adverse moods from sleep imbalances and general well being. Massage and Skin health should be seen and combined as part of a group of activities included in an overall comprehensive Wellness Program such as combining Chiropractic, Accupuncture, disciplined Nutrient dense diet regiment, Sauna, Banya, Hamam, Hot Spring, regular exercise, participation in art ie: Martial Arts, Meditative cultures engaged together ideally. Although various parts maybe difficult or inaccessible, regular engagement in some of the activities above can make a positive difference in overall Wellness physically, mentally and spiritually.

As a result of the problems wishes, and feedback from prior guests, we conceived originally designed Spa Journey Treatments to focus on relieving specific types of problems and challenges. Spa Journey massage treatments are geared for guests desiring full head to toe massage for assistance in recovery from fatigue, jet lag, improving circulation and restful sleep. Other guests requested relief and recovery aids for sunburn, sports participants and athletes requiring circulation and deep tissue specific pressure oriented massage and kneeding out knots and trigger points.

Massage and Facial Treatments are by appointment only. For couples and pairs with a set time and day, please contact us 24 hours in advance and we can assist you personally for an appointment. The entire studio is dedicated to each single, couple and pair appointments, perfect for guests wishing for a quiet relaxing local environment away from noise and crowds. Decompress, relax and unwind with individualized attention and care.


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