Honua Therapeutic Massage Menu

Honua Therapeutic Massage Full Menu Includes the Traditional Forms of World Massage including, Traditional Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu and Swedish Massage. The Specialty massage provide additional therapeutic benefits including our #2 Therapist Recommended Honua Therapeutic Custom Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology and Neck and Back Release. The Spa Journey Treatments are Guest, Therapist and Facialists inspired original treatments including the Organic Tropical Renewal, Lomi Pohaku Hot Stone Lomi Lomi Massage, Fire and Ice Sports Massage. The last group includes the Custom Facial, Facial Massage and Hawaiian After Sun Skin Care treatments. The entire shop is dedicated to each single, pair and couple, who wish to have a quiet and calm, custom individualized care perfect for couples celebrating their honeymoon, birthdays, weddings and special anniversary occasions.

Specialty Massages

Honua Therapeutic Custom Massage

#2 Therapist Choice 60Min.  90Min.  120Min.

Deep Tissue Massage 60Min.  90Min.  120Min.

Reflexology   60Min.

Neck Back Release  60Min.  90Min.  120Min.

Prenatal Massage  60Min.  90Min.  120Min.


60Min. – $84 per Guest

90min. – $110 per Guest

120Min. – $144 per Guest

60Min. – $168 per Couples

90Min. – $220 per Couples

120Min. – $288 per Couples

World Massages

Swedish  Massage  60Min.   90Min.  120Min.

Traditional Lomi Lomi 60Min. 90Min. 120Min.

Shiatsu  60Min.   90Min.   120Min.


60Min. – $74 per Guest

90Min. – $99 per Guest

120Min. – $132 per Guest

60Min. – $148 per Couples

90Min. – $198 per Couples

120Min. – $264 per Couples

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Specialty and World Massages

Spa Journeys Massages

Organic Tropical Renewal    90Min.   120Min.

Lomi Pohaku (Hot Stones)   90Min.   120Min.

Massage Scrub Detox           90Min.   120Min.

Fire and Ice Sports Therapy  90Min.  120Min.

Hawaiian After Sun Comfort  60Min.   90Min. 


90Min. – $124 per Guest

120Min. – $156 per Guest

90Min. – $248 per Couples

120Min. – $312 per Couples

Custom Facials

Honua Custom Facials   60Min.   90Min.


60Min. – $84 per Guest

90Min. – $112 per Guest

60Min. – $168 per Couples

90Min. – $224 per Couples

Addons to Massage Facials and Spa Journeys
Addons to Massage Facials and Spa Journeys

Add Ons

30Min. Add-ons to Massage and Facials:

Head Spa,   Hands Arms Spa,

Foot Destressor,   Reflexology


30Min. – $40 per Guest

30Min. – $80 per Couples

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Spa Journeys, Facials

Add-Ons, Enhancements