Organic Tropical Renewal 90min

$124.00 excluding tax $129.85 including 4.72% tax 90 minutes

Organic Tropical Renewal is a Honua Therapeutic Original massage and mini facial treatment, including a face massage, cranial massage, and literal full body treatment. This combination was designed at the request of guests wanting both the benefits of a full body massage and facial treatment. We designed this treatment to give greater value to guests wanting both without having to book facials and massage separately. 90 min. duration is is sufficient for overall full body work with focus on specific conditions and problem areas. Suited for guests having massage infrequently requiring more time and attention. Full Head to Toe massage includes arms, hands, scalp massage, feet reflexology, full body massage with hot stones and mini facial treatment. For full Organic Tropical Renewal experience we recommend the full 120min. duration.


Our most popular Spa Journey massage treatment includes a full head to toe experience. This signature massage treatment was developed based on the feedback of the guests who desired to have an immersive relaxation and therapy base massage and mini facial treatment combined. The full head to toe experience includes a scalp massage, mini facial treatment utilizing noni and other hawaii products, arm and hands spa, front and back of neck, shoulders, full body massage with hot stones to improve digestion with a foot reflexology component. A deeply relaxing and stress releasing treatment, well suited for guests coming off long flights and experiencing fatigue from multiple time zone shifts and working people decompressing from long stressful work weeks.