Lomi Pohaku Hot Stones 120min

$156.00 excluding tax $163.36 including 4.72% tax 2 hours

Lomi Pohaku Hot Stones 120min. Massage is one of our signature relaxtion / therapy treatments well suited for guests requiring complete duration with comprehensive full body work undergoing seldom or never receiving massage requiring extensive time and attention. Many traveling guests on vacation, business and regular working guests in high stress environments have requested this treatment for relief to effect recovery and improving stomach indigestion issues in addition to full Traditional Lomi Lomi and sustained heat and pressure for deep relaxation to improve restful sleep, unmanageable stress, negativity. Effective in circulating fluids from exposure to high altitude air travel, poor air and water quality environments, lymphedema, blood flow, jet lag, fatigue and sluggishness. Complete Duration provides full range for overall body work with focus on a multiple connecting problem areas and specific conditions. Please confer with your therapist or contact us directly for recommendations on whether a regular or semi regular treatment schedule maybe beneficial going forward to further sustain and improve your specific conditions. Mahalo


Full duration Traditional Lomi Lomi Alternating the use of heated river rock and utilizing long rhythmic kneading strokes using elbows, forearms, palms, hands, and fingers to elongate and loosen muscles fascia and knots, with particular emphasis on stomach and internal organ movement. Effective for indigestion issues, relaxation of the mind and muscle tension throughout. For guests interested in Traditional Lomi Lomi forms the Lomi Pohaku is our signature Lomi Lomi specialty.