CBD Total Body Treatment 90min

$146.00 excluding tax $152.89 including 4.72% tax 90 minutes

The CBD Total Massage in use products selected are from the following three CBD providers below. An approximate total of 80mg of CBD is utilized per guest per treatment. This massage treatment will be utilizing the following milligram dosages of each CBD product;

  • 33mg dose of Game Up Nutrition CBD Oil per treatment
  • 44mg approximate dose of Lab Blends CBD Massage oil per treatment
  • 5mg dose of Water Soluble CBD tea from Buddha Tea, your choice of Matcha Green Tea or Turmeric/Ginger Tea

The 90min. duration is recommended for guests having massage therapy more than once a month requiring full body and one to two focus concentrations in problem areas, connecting problem areas of pain, tightness in the muscle tissues and join musculatures. For extensive work and multiple problem areas, please see the complete 120min. duration of this treatment.

The CBD Total Massage are performed by massage therapists with extensive experience in various massage modes effective for guests with variable pressure preferences from soft, medium, firm, strong. Many guests have expressed interest in the Honua Therapeutic Custom massage for relief from conditions such as high stress, anxiety, travelers from afar on work or vacation trying to recover from fatigue, jet lag, nausea and insomnia. For athletes, sports participants and physically active guests, our custom massage have serviced guests to aid in recovery from various injuries, prehabilitation, breaking up muscle knots and entanglements, tightness and mobility issues, minor to severe muscle strains, tightness, muscle spasms etc.

Our therapists and I favor this treatment most over the standard Honua Therapeutic Custom Massage, because of the therapeutic effects and benefits of CBD combined with the flexibility and freedom to explore and mix various massages modes without the stylistic limitations. This type of freedom allows us to provide you with solutions to a guest’s specific preferences and needs. Please confer with your therapist or contact us directly for recommendations on whether a regular or semi regular treatment schedule maybe beneficial going forward to further sustain and improve your specific conditions. Mahalo


The CBD Total Massage treatment’s target and intention is to try to take full advantage of the benefits of CBD utilizing the best and most effective ways to deliver Cannabidiol active ingredient into the our systems that we know currently utilizing high quality CBD products. CBD has been extraordinary in relieving inflammation pain, external / internal chronic pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress and as a recovery aid. This treatment is recommended for people who have any or all of these problems after hobby sports, professional sports, life, work related stress anxiety or just having difficulty relaxing.

The treatment starts with a tincture of CBD oil taken internally before the start of the massage to prepare and help make your body experience the best effect of the CBD. Then we proceed with a consultation and then a customized massage designed to fit your unique situation and goals in mind. A therapy grade CBD massage oil formula is utilized and applied during treatment, and we finish with a choice of CBD tea after treatment to prolong the effectiveness of the CBD and massage. For more detail on CBD doses and vendors utilized for the CBD Total Massage, please see the post about this treatment.

Customer Reviews

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Darlene ZBP
Revitalization of my health.

Honua therapeutic massage are well, trained and diverse on their abilities to help you heal. Adding the additional CBD treatment to my massage therapy was therapeutic, it enhanced the overall healing process. They offer a diversified menu of services. Thank you for your expertise.