Urgent Need For Sars-Cov-2 Pre Exposure Prophylaxis Protocol

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Zelenko MATH+ Pre Exposure Prophylaxis Protocol (PrEP) Complete

Updated November 18, 2022

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Zinc, Vitamin D, C, Melatonin, L-Lysine
As of January 24, 2022, the utilization of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s (PrEP), a Pre Exposure Prophylaxis Protocol Plan A implementation Safety Measures for the protection of guests and prevention of Sars-Cov-2, while working in enclosed spaces for prolonged durations in close proximity to guests continues with promising results thus far 1.5 years after implementation.  As of September 2021, resumption of L-Lysine daily intake was updated to the (PreP) below.
(PrEP) Daily dose regimen;
  1. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 200mg per day for 5 consecutive days during Week 1 Loading Dose Regimen Phase (For use as Anti Viral, Immunomodulator and Zinc Ionophore)
  2. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 200mg once a week From Week 2 onwards during Maintenance Dose Regimen Phase after completion of Loading Dose Phase (For use as Anti Viral, Immunomodulator and Zinc Ionophore)
  3. Elemental Zinc 25mg per Day
  4. Vitamin C 1gram per Day
  5. Vitamin D 62.5mcg or 2500IU to 125mcg or 5000IU per the recommendation from Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Roger Seheult of Medcram. Fortifying additional Vitamin D with daily sun light minimum 10 – 15min. and supplement Vitamin D fortified foods
  6. Melatonin 1mg to 5mg before bedtime (sustained release preferable) per Dr. Paul Marik MATH+ Protocol
  7. L-Lysine 1000mg per Day Dr. Joseph Mercola


January 3, 2022 Sargis Sangari of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, reiterates his early treatment and prophylaxis protocols using risk stratification, timing of treatment, zinc and a class of drugs called zinc ionophores as an approach to treat and inhibit exposure to Sars-Cov-2.


The paper published below by PLOS Pathogens authored in part by Dr. Ralph Baric of University of North Carolina Chapel Hill cited by Dr. Sehoult of Medcram Episode 34, formulated the basis for the treatment and prophylaxis biological mechanism of action to target the RNA Dependent RNA Polymerase enzyme responsible for the viral replication of Sars1 and Sars-Cov-2.


Zn2+ Inhibits Coronavirus and Arterivirus RNA Polymerase Activity In Vitro and Zinc Ionophores Block the Replication of These Viruses in Cell Culture


As of October 16, 2021, we are experiencing extreme delays with SpeakwithanMD.com obtaining a refill prescription for HCQ. Recommend planning ahead and submitting consults if going through speakwithanmd at least 6 weeks in advance of your medications running out, due to the sheer number of patients and prescription backlogs they are currently servicing. The average retail price per 200mg tablet of Hydroxychloroquine in the US is about $0.20 per tablet. With shipping price included, we are paying $5 per tablet at the moment. An unconscionable 2500% inflated price from the average price per tablet.
This is the state of our health system today in Honolulu where we must seek telemedicine care out state and pharmacists out of state to fill our prescriptions, mail our medications to us as our local pharmacies have refused our out of state transfer prescription and doctors here will not provide care for early treatment and prophylaxis that have been working for us. Whatever happened to affordable health care and time tested evidence based medicine?
Another back up telemedicine resource is My Free Doctor. They accept only a limited number of patients per day. Check their website at 10:00am CST periodically to verify any openings for the current day if you seek prophylaxis and early treatment care for Sars-Cov-2.
As of August 2, 2021, a 9 month cycle of the (PreP) Pre Exposure Prophylaxis Protocol Plan A below from October 1, 2020 has completed. Half way mark into the 2nd 6 month cycle, there have been no side effects or adverse reactions. At the end of the 2nd 6 month cycle an update will be posted completing a 12 month continuous regiment of Dr. Zelenko’s prophylaxis protocol.
For more information about Dr. Zelenko and the Zelenko Protocol please see his new website below.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko New Website and 


Dr. Zelenko’s Telegram Channel


Our provider for the HCQ prescription to implement this prophylaxis protocol was provided by a kind and knowledgeable doctor and their partner pharmacy from speakwithanmd.com. To find a doctor to assist you with prophylaxis for Covid-19 please confer with Speakwithanmd.com to find a doctor and pharmacy near you. 



July 7, 2021 John Leake Interviews Family Outpatient Primary Care Doctor Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, providing a sobering factual account of his research, clinical work, experience over the 18 months starting from March 2020 to present. The interview covers the innovation in prophylaxis and pre-hospital early outpatient treatment protocols coined the “Zelenko Protocol”, the administering of this protocol to thousands of his patients, the peer reviews corroborating his real world evidence and the subsequent training of doctors worldwide in his protocol.

A Plan To Reopen an American State By Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Dr. Harvey Risch and Dr. Peter McCullough – Includes Risk Stratification, Early Treatment Protocol and Prophylaxis Protocol Implementation 9 Page Document

COVID-19 Outpatients: Early Risk Stratified Treatment with Zinc Plus Low Dose HydroxyChloroquine and Azythromycin: A Retrospective Case Series Study


Review in Cardiac Medicine: Multifaceted Highly Targeted Sequential Multidrug Treatment of Early Ambulatory High-Risk Sars-Cov-2 Infection


Zelenko Protocol

Impact of Zinc
Quercetin and Vitamin C
Meta Analysis of Vitamin D
Quercetin Zinc Ionophore Paper
Quercetin and Prions


September 14, 2021 Vimeo has removed the original interview from John Leake’s channel and another instance of Dr. Harvey Risch interview has been posted above.
June 16, 2021 John Leake Interviews Dr. Harvey Risch providing a detailed account of the ongoing academic, medical fraud, dishonesty and malfeasance of vilifying early pre-hospital outpatient treatments, prophylaxis, prevention protocols and the reasons for the active suppression and censorship of this information. 
Chloroquine is a Potent Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread

Dr. Harvey Risch cites the 9 aspects of causal reasoning from Epidemiologist Sir Austin Bradford Hill on the criteria of whether associations are causal or not. 


As of March 17, 2021 after a 6 month cycle of the (PreP) Pre Exposure Prophylaxis Protocol Plan A below from October 1, 2020 there have been no side effects or adverse reactions. A 2nd 6 month cycle has commenced and we will update the results in 6 months.
For more information about Dr. Zelenko and the Zelenko Protocol please see his new website below.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko New Website and 

Dr. Zelenko’s Telegram Channel

Our provider for the HCQ prescription to implement this prophylaxis protocol was provided by a kind and knowledgeable doctor and their partner pharmacy from speakwithanmd.com. To find a doctor to assist you with prophylaxis for Covid-19 please confer with Speakwithanmd.com to find a doctor and pharmacy near you. 


Effective October 1, 2020 based on Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s recommendations for (PrEP), a Pre Exposure Prophylaxis Protocol Plan A was implemented and completed to further enhance and upgrade Safety Measures from April 1, 2020 for Covid19. (PrEP) Plan A Protocol is the current prophylaxis protocol replacing Plan B protocol from August 16, 2020.
(PrEP) Daily dose regimen;
  1. 200mg of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) per day for 5 consecutive days during Week 1 Loading Dose Regimen Phase (For use as Anti Viral, Immunomodulator and Zinc Ionophore)
  2. 200mg of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) once a week From Week 2 onwards during Maintenance Dose Regimen Phase after completion of Loading Dose Phase (For use as Anti Viral, Immunomodulator and Zinc Ionophore)
  3. 25mg of Elemental Zinc
  4. 1gram of Vitamin C
  5. 62.5mcg or 2500IU to 125mcg or 5000IU of Vitamin D per recommendation from Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Roger Seheult of Medcram. Fortifying additional Vitamin D with daily sun light minimum 10 – 15min. and supplement Vitamin D fortified foods
  6. Melatonin 1mg to 3mg before bedtime (sustained release preferable) per Dr. Paul Marik MATH+ Protocol
  7. Famotidine (Pepcid) under review per Dr. Paul Marik MATH+ Protocol
  8. Budesonide (Rhinocort) under review per Dr. Richard P. Bartlett, MD, Alexandria Watkins, DNP

January 4, 2021 New Book of Daniel Podcast interview with Dr. Zelenko updates us on the evolution of the Zelenko Protocol and the significance of the art of medicine customizing treatment to each patient.  Dr. Zelenko reviews the extreme conditions in March 2020 at the start of the outbreak which forced an early treatment protocol. Over the course of the year hundreds of doctors and several governments have conferred with Dr. Zelenko on early outpatient treatments and prophylaxis protocols to help patients overcome Covid-19 at home early in the viral replication stage of the disease. 

October 11, 2020 Israel Institute of Strategic Studies confers with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Family Primary Care Clinician and Dr. Harvey Risch from the Yale School of Medicine and Public Health Epidemiologist reviews the extra scientific and sociological factors overriding the science, logic and evidence based medicine that relies on all evidence in addition to Randomized Control Trials. Dr. Zelenko goes over the Lancet retraction on June 5, 2020 and Dr. Risch reiterates the recent Saudi Arabia Health Ministry national results of the early effect of HCQ on Covid-19. 

Saudi Arabia Health Ministry national results of the early effect of HCQ


Lancet retraction from June 5, 2020



September 30, 2020 MyTCNTV catches up with Dr. Zelenko going over some of the obstacles with acquiring HCQ and how doctors and pharmacists are pressured with loss of credentials in some regions prescribing and dispensing off label HCQ for Covid19 treatment and prophylaxis.

Quercetin, Zinc, Green Tea EGCG, Vitamin C
Effective August 16, 2020 based on Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s recommendations for (PrEP), a Pre Exposure Prophylaxis Protocol Plan B was implemented and completed to enhance Safety Measures effective April 2020 for Covid19.
(PrEP) daily dose regimen;
  1. 500mg of Quercetin (Substitute for HCQ, Ivermectin for use as Zinc Ionophore)
  2. 400mg of EGCG Green Tea extract or Green Tea (Substitute for HCQ, Ivermectin for use as Zinc Ionophore)
  3. 25mg of Elemental Zinc
  4. 1gram of Vitamin C
  5. 62.5mcg or 2500IU of Vitamin D per recommendation from Dr. Roger Seheult of Medcram . Fortifying additional Vitamin D with daily sun light minimum 10 – 15min. and supplement Vitamin D fortified foods
  6. Melatonin 1mg to 3mg before bedtime (sustained release preferable) per Dr. Paul Marik MATH+ Protocol
  7. Famotidine (Pepcid) under review per Dr. Paul Marik MATH+ Protocol
  8. Budesonide (Rhinocort) under review per Dr. Richard P. Bartlett, MD, Alexandria Watkins, DNP
There was compiled research and people speaking of Quercetin and EGCG being zinc ionophores. Doing more research into zinc and zinc ionophores. Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Seheult compiled very useful updated data including initial In Vitro test tube and cell culture studies. These studies show zinc ionophores facilitate the transport of zinc through the cell membrane, increasing intra-cellular concentration of zinc inside of the cell or cell cytosol / cytoplasm inhibiting viral replication of various RNA viruses which include corona viruses. When the reasons Dr. Zelenko was recommending this regimen and clarified further by Dr. Seheult, the decision was made to implement this prophylaxis protocol.

This protocol was implemented as a Plan B regiment as the items above are inexpensive, highly accessible without a prescription, available at virtually any health food store and able to be fortified with foods such as onion, berries, green tea, meats, oysters etc.

Calculation for elemental zinc was based on the National Institutes of Health indicating 23% of Zinc Sulfate or 50mg of Elemental Zinc is contained in every 220mg of Zinc Sulfate.


(25mg / 0.23) = daily dose of 109mg of Zinc Sulfate daily intake will equal 25mg of Elemental Zinc. Currently increasing Elemental Zinc dosage 7mg a week to see how if any adverse effects are observed and supplement any remaining deficiency in daily Zinc intake with Foods High in Zinc to achieve 25mg of Elemental Zinc intake per day.

List of Quercetin and Zinc High Foods

According to Healthline Article, 1 cup of green tea provides 50mg – 100mg of EGCG

Safety Measures effective April 1, 2020

*Guest intake and servicing continues with updated intake protocols. Reception and Massage Therapists / Estheticians will assist to facilitate updated procedures in consideration for maximum safety of guests and therapists possible at this time. Reception will assist in providing a brief Health Questionnaire during the booking and confirmation process.

*For the Current Duration couples and 2 people appointments at the same time are suspended to reduce the number of people in the treatment room and shop premises to reduce the risk of viral particulate concentration build up in enclosed spaces from breathing.

*For couples and groups of two people and greater, servicing one guest at a time in sequence with a 15 minute cleaning, disinfecting and set up time in between each appointment will be performed. For guests awaiting treatment, please make use of our waiting room to relax and unwind. We appreciate your understanding with reducing crowding.

*For each guest appointment, the entire shop is dedicated to each and every single guest which eliminates crowding in enclosed spaces.

*Currently using in personal and professional settings, mix of Hand woven masks, Surgical Masks, 3M N95 Respirator masks during guest appointments, with particular emphasis on proper fitting, wash or removal and disposal procedures after use.

*Treatment Room UVC Air Filter


*Treatment Room HEPA Air Filter Small


*Treatment Room HEPA Hospital Grade Air Filter Medium


*Currently using in personal and professional settings, 91% Isopropyl Alcohol to disinfect surfaces, hands, body extremities. The ramp up in use of Alcohol has been one of the most utilized and most valuable items to stock for personal and professional use.

*Thorough disinfection of surfaces are performed after each guest appointment utilizing 70% to 91% Isopropyl Alcohol.

*Currently using in personal and professional settings when necessaryindustrial goggles not completely air tight but sufficient to encapsulate eyes from direct and diagonal droplets projectiles.

*All Sheets, Towels, Head covers are bleached with washing after each use.

*For Guests Please bring a comfortable mask with you and wear your mask during the duration of the appointment and treatment. Mahalo

Zelenko Protocol Updates

Tuvia Doron channel has made this video from September 10, 2020 unavailable. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/581RjmO7wAA


September 10, 2020 Tuvia Doron posts Dr. Zelenko interview reiterates HCQ is not dangerous and clarifies the side effect profile.

September 3, 2020 Dr. Been Medical Lectures interviews Dr. Zelenko and reviews the history of how the Zelenko Protocol came into fruition and provides updates to the protocol discussing the role of Quercetin and Ivermectin.

Hydroxychloroquine Studies Compiled at;


August 28, 2020 Steamboat Institute speaks with Stanford University Hoover Institute’s Dr. Scott Atlas clarifying the mechanism of action for Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).


Video Interview with Dr. Zelenko from August 24, 2020 has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/xaB9Kvulk7M

August 24, 2020 Dr. Zelenko’s solution to end the Pandemic

Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko author of Metamorphisis is a family primary care outpatient doctor and clinician from New York. In April 2020 his New York Times piece sparked a great deal of interest in his early intervention outpatient care of high risk patients over the age of 60 and / or patients with comorbidities, utilizing his Zelenko Protocol to treat Covid19 experiencing an 84% reduction in hospitalizations and a reduction of mortality from 5% to 0.71%.

Zelenko Covid-19 Prophylaxis Protocol

Zelenko Covid-19 Treatment Low and High Risk Group Protocol

Zelenko Protocol PrePrint

Dr. Zelenko Published Results of Zelenko Protocol

FDA Emergency Use Authorization Overhaul Act of 2020

Dr. Zelenko Twitter

Sanctity of Patient Doctor Relationship in Honolulu Tarnished

As a brick and mortar business servicing guests in close contact for prolonged periods of time in enclosed spaces, there is an urgent need for pre exposure prophylaxis protocol (PrEP) to increase the confidence of safety, comfort and protection for our guests, therapists and everyone here at Honua Therapy. Refining and evolving existing safety measures as more evidence and data comes in is an imperative. The search for tools to help solve this problem started at the end of March 2020. Dr. Zelenko’s work was discovered through this effort. Outside of America, much to our delight and dismay, treatments that may work or have been working to defend against this disease do exist.

Zelenko Protocol Plan A regimen was preferred as more evidence and research exists. Plan A prophylaxis path was to utilize a more potent zinc ionophore, immunological and anti viral proposed mechanisms of action of Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin off label with elemental Zinc and elements of MATH+ protocol including Vitamin D and C.

Reviewing all body of literature available including proposed regimens and doses used in prophylaxis and early out patient treatment protocols from case, retrospective, observational, meta, prospective randomized clinical trials domestically and internationally, we have become aware of the overwhelming empirical evidence of clinical successes, biological plausibility, proposed mechanisms of actions, their safety and side effect profiles. With the information reviewed, 100% consent to the use of Ivermectin and HCQ Off Label with elemental Zinc and elements of MATH+ protocol including Vitamin D and C to utilize as prophylaxis, maybe the missing variable in solidifying effective safety measure protocols.

We have been requesting for care locally through our PCP, hospitals, clinics here in Honolulu, Hawaii for the last 5 months and every doctor, clinician and nurse practitioner we sought for care refuse to help or even see us to confer (PrEP) Pre Exposure Prophylaxis Protocols for Covid 19 specifically an off label non indicated conditions prescription assistance for Ivermectin and HCQ.

The last resort was our primary care provider at Makahiki clinic. She could not help us indicating that their policy does not allow for off label prescription of Hydroxychloroquine for prophylaxis purposes and referred us to another doctor who maybe able to help. Currently in the process of seeking out this doctor and scheduling an appointment. In parallel the search for other outpatient doctors out of state continues with a pivot towards off label prescription of Ivermectin for prophylaxis in parallel with HCQ.

Great Harm has been caused to us and our community as our first hand experiences with the private and public healthcare system doctors here in Honolulu over the prior months have violated the sanctity of the doctor patient relationship according to the Geneva Declaration of 1948, as factors other than evidence based medicine have tarnished this sacred relationship. For this reason seeking urgent care out of state from clinicians who will help us to prevent spread of this disease surging in our county now became the course of action.

What has come to our attention is that there are doctors and nurses self administering Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as prophylaxis and prescribing to their patients off label specifically clinicians that are self employed operating their own practice or in secret under fear of termination from their tenure or job, retaliation from their medical or pharmacology boards.

What has also come to our attention is that doctors and clinicians at least in Hawaii are well within their legal authority to prescribe medications such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for use in off label non indicated conditions with the patients informed consent. In these cases it appears the doctor having knowledge of the treatment paths available and perhaps the patient having done their due diligence will weigh the safety, side effect profiles, drug interactions, any current health conditions against the benefits of the medication. The doctor and patient will decide together within the confines and privacy of the doctor patient relationship.

August 29, 2020 Sky News Australia speaks with Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill reminds us of the Geneva Declaration of 1948 forming the International Code of Medical Ethics and mitigating doctor’s acts of crimes against humanity. The critical importance of the doctor’s conscience in the practice of medicine and how the sanctity of the patient doctor relationship has been violated, when factors other than evidence based medicine and science interfere in the doctor patient relationship which is what we witness with HCQ restrictions. Doctor’s have the ability to prescribe existing approved medications for non indicated conditions called Off Label Use. People must understand that there are two distinct stages to this disease. First stage is the viral replication stage where you experience flu like symptoms. Second stage is severe pneumonia, hyper immune response attacking the heart, lungs and vital organs.

In search for answers to this urgent problem Dr. Gill describes, several questions about the American Clinical practice of medicine came to mind.

  1. In a time of emergency, why are these mature inexpensive and affordable medications and treatments prescribed and administered abroad being withheld from us and the public in America?
  2. Why will no doctors, clinicians and nurses help us prevent spread?
  3. Why was Dr. Zelenko’s miraculous care of his patients unreported on local media here in Hawaii?
  4. Is doing nothing actually doing no harm?
  5. Are doctors thinking about their own interests over their patients and community in this emergency situation?
  6. Why are we not doing research in parallel with actual administration of repurposed therapeutics using the best data, knowledge and tools we have available at present and start saving lives, reduce needless suffering and reduce the spread of this disease as India, South Korea, Peru and other countries are doing?
  7. Why is all the overwhelming scientific evidence for these treatment paths, safety profiles and side effect profiles being ideologically subverted and ignored?
  8. How are the economically disadvantaged, unemployed, out of business and uninsured going to afford to pay out of pocket for inpatient hospital care, and expensive inpatient treatments?
  9. Why 6 months into the pandemic are there still no early out patient treatments and prophylaxis protocols widely available and accessible?

At the start of answering these grave concerns, Former CDC Director Dr. Thomas R Frieden’s paper Evidence for Health Decision Making – Beyond Randomized, Controlled Trials from the New England Journal of Medicine


and Psychiatrist, Psycho Analyst Norman Doidge, author of The Brain that Changes Itself and The Brain’s Way of Healing Piece from Tablet Magazine titled Medicine’s Fundamentalists


provided a criteria for evaluating all data not just randomized controlled clinical data.

In addition the two key points used to form a framework for this measure were the FDA guidelines for Emergency Use Authorization of medications which are;
  1. There must be no other therapeutics available
  2. That the medication maybe effective.


Meta, Safety, Retrospective, Observational, Prospective Randomized Control Clinical Trials compiled and updated for Hydroxychloroquine available at;



We had to pivot to how other doctors, clinicians were fighting this disease out of state along with other health systems and practices of medicine abroad to see how Zelenko’s Protocol and treatment paths for similar patient groups were being cared for presently. Drawing from the experience of many experts including Director General of India Council for Medical Research (ICMR) Balram Bhargava, Dr. Thomas Borody, Former CDC Director Dr. Thomas Freiden, Norman Doidge, Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill, Dr. Jean Jacques Rajter, Dr. Juliana Cepelowicz Rajter, Dr. Trevor Marshall, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Raphael Stricker, MedCram and WhiteBoard Doctors expertise were received for consideration. This post is a compilation of data that allowed the reasoning to try Pre Exposure Prophylaxis protocols utilizing the available data.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Protocol

Rabbi Katzin  and Kevin Boyle channel original and reposted video of Dr. Zelenko’s interview with Rabbi Katzin on August 26, 2020 unavailable. URL for the original video was https://youtu.be/ZQj4pphqGAA?t=314  and URL for repost Video was https://youtu.be/qZgLwmoBGvw

August 31, 2020 Original video was removed by Youtube, Kevin Boyle reposts a segment of this interview with Dr. Zelenko. 

August 26, 2020 Dr. Zelenko and Rabbi Katzin discuss the new retrospective inpatient Hydroxychloroquine study from Italy. Out of 70 Hydroxychloroquine studies, there is overwhelming evidence. 58 out of the 70 having positive effect, 12 studies negative and the Lancet study being retracted.



Lancet HCQ Study Retraction Details

Medcram analysis of the Retracted Lancet Study reiterates further the supplier of the data for the study Surgisphere failed to provide to the Lancet, the requested data and methods of how they aggregated and networked the various hospital data used in the study for independent verification causing the retraction. On page 11 of the memorandum from the FDA regarding the revocation of the EUA for hydroxychloroquine on June 15, 2020, the memorandum cites the retracted study as part of the basis for the revocation of the EUA for HCQ 10 days after the Lancet study was retracted on June 5, 2020.


Video has become unavailable. URL for the video of Dr. Zelenko’s discussion with Dr. Bartlett and colleagues from August 31, 2020 was https://youtu.be/K5JjFisptNw?t=201

On August 31, 2020 Dr. Vladimir Zelenko provides updates to the Zelenko Protocol. Emphasizes that picking out and risk stratifying which patients must be treated is the most important part of the protocol. Dr. Zelenko speaks briefly that his practice of medicine is also an art and must be tailored for each patient and their specific situation, emphasizing Zinc is the most important component. Dr. Zelenko speaks of the therapeutics Quercetin if Hydroxychloroquine is unavailable, Ivermectin an anti-parasitic medication, Doxycycline, Azythromycin antibiotics, Dexamethasone steroid and Budesonide regimen prescribed as an early high risk outpatient treatment program and prophylaxis. 

Dr. Zelenko also provides a Plan B Protocol for patients and people unable to access Hydroxychloroquine stratified into Low Risk Patient Regiment and High Risk patient regiment for Clinicians in the document below. 


Zelenko Protocol PrePrint

Dr. Zelenko Published Results of Zelenko Protocol

Dr. Yo channel has made this video unavailable. URL for the video from July 14, 2020 was https://youtu.be/uEntfcBiW4k


July 14, 2020 Dr. Yogendra from Dr. Yo confers with Dr. Zelenko reviewing the details of the Zelenko Protocol and his perspective on the practice of medicine to save lives and keep his patients out of hospitals during this emergency situation. Dr. Zelenko refers to his practice of medicine, battlefield medicine.

Back Up of this Interview from July 14, 2020 below:

WhiteBoard Doctor Channel has made the Video of the Analysis of Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol unavailable. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/4eR0oV0Yqwo

WhiteBoard Doctor Analysis of Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol

Quality of Evidence and P Values

WhiteBoard Doctor clarifies the quality of evidence for consideration while undertaking research ranked from highest quality to lowest quality below;

  1. Meta Analysis and Systematic Reviews
  2. Critically Appraised Topics and Articles
  3. Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT)
  4. Cohort Studies
  5. Case Controlled Studies, Case Series and Reports
  6. Background Information and Expert Opinions

WhiteBoard Doctor clarifies the significance of P values in studies. For samples and groups a P value of greater than 0.05 is desired which indicates a well matched and balanced samples.

For results and outcomes a P value of less than 0.05 means there is statistical significance. The difference in Statistical significance and Clinical significance is when the statistically significant indication can be verified in clinical settings and corroborated by clinicians and doctors.

Dr. Richard Bartlett Budesonide Therapy

Per YouTube This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/6QtenfhyVtw?t=323


Dr. Richard Bartlett clarifies the Oxford University and University of Queensland corticosteroid Budesonide randomized trial, his use and experience with Budesonide for his Covid-19 patients. Dr. Bartlett reviews some of the ongoing issues with protocols and therapeutics that are available yet not being utilized to help patients.



Right To Try Abrogated for Patients and Doctors

October 25, 2022 American Thought Leaders confers with Dr. Paul Marik founder of FLCCC of the 26 agents with known beneficial effects against MERS, published by the NIAID in 2014 being utilized at present for the early treatment of Sars-Cov-2.

Repurposing of Clinically Developed Drugs for Treatment of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Infection


Analysis of Agents Used for Early Treatment of Sars-Cov-2


January 25, 2022 at the Second Opinion Senate hearing provided Dr. Paul Marik’s personal testimony of the horror show he was forced to endure during his final days working at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Key Points of Testimony:

  1. Remdesivir toxicity and primary end point of GILEAD trial changed mid trial giving rise to scientific and medical misconduct.
  2. Federal Government pays a 20% incentive fee for the entire Hospital bill. to incentivize Hospitals to prescribe Remdesivir.
  3. Dexamethasone steroid given is the wrong sterioid given in wrong doses for the wrong duration.
  4. Prohibition against treating his patients with proven FLCCC protocols, forced to watch idly while patients conditions deteriorated.
  5. Death of patients resulting from prohibition of administering proven protocols and off label life saving medications.
  6. Experienced sham peer reviews, kangoroo courts trying to stand for his patient’s rights, accused of being a threat to patients losing hospital privileges ending Dr. Marik’s medical career.
  7. In sum Dr. Marik’s chilling message mirrors our personal experience with our PCP and local health care systems here in Honolulu. “Hospitals have become dangerous places for sick people. They must do whatever they can to avoid the hospital. When they are imprisoned in a hospital they are denied their rights, they are not allowed a patient advocate, their families are denied access to the patient, they are prisoners in the system. They have no rights and get the treatment dictated to them by the hospital. They are dangerous places for sick people. As a physician practicing hospital medicine for 40 years, it saddens me to the core.”


See the entire 5 hour Second Opinion Hearing Here

January 15, 2022 Ear, Nose, Throat and Respiratory Specialist Otolaryngologist Dr. Mary Bowden founder of BreatheMD an early treatment advocate for Sars-Cov-2 who has treated over 2000 patients using the FLCCC protocols and time tested multi drug combination therapy to successfully treat her patients, speaks on the suspension of her hospital privileges from Houston Methodist Hospital for her clinical judgment and practice of medicine. She infers similar sentiments to Dr. Paul Marik’s experience and our therapeutic nihilism experience here locally over the previous 1.5 years with PCP’s who will not see us, doctors who will not help or provide care and pharmacists who will not fill our prescription and dispense our medications. The abrogation of the Right to Try and the Sacred Patient and Doctor Relationship continues to deteriorate nationally, utterly eroded our confidence and trust in the public and private health systems.

January 19, 2022 Kim Iversen from The Hill expresses a similar sentiment and experience we have had since the beginning of the disaster here locally, about the “serious serious failings in public health officials, CDC, Fauci, our politicians and main stream media are becoming glaringly obvious to the point where their failings are crimes against humanity… What are you supposed to do when you catch Covid does anybody know?”

MATH+ IMASK+ IRECOVER Protocol Dr. Paul Marik Eastern Virginia Medical School

Frontline Covid Critical Care Alliance – FLCCC Covid 19 Procotols


IMASK Protocol – Prevention and Early Outpatient Protocol


MATH+ Protocol – Hospital Treatment Protocol


IRECOVER Protocol – Management Protocol for Long Haul Covid-19 Syndrome


Translations of Protocols


September 6, 2021 Dr. Paul Marik, author of the MATH+ Protocol and Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care at the Eastern Virginia Medical School at Norfolk Virginia speaks with Vijaya Viswanathan about how there was no guidance by the WHO, NIH, CDC provided to clinicians on how to treat Covid-19. What little guidance was provided was no treatment and all symptomatic care only. Dr. Marik emphasizes how absurd this was and how clinicians cannot just sit at the bed side and watch their patients die. This forced FLCCC to be born and to put together evidenced based protocols for the treatment of Covid based on the best science available at that time.

Dr. Marik mentions, the Protocols started with corticosteroids, Vitamin C and D. In October 2020 there was emerging data and body of evidence for Ivermectin. There are 60 clinical trials and 30 of those are randomized control trials show universally a decrease time in viral shedding, hospitalizations, time to improvement and mortality. There are enormous forces at play that do not like this data, are misrepresenting and the lies and misinformation is astonishing. 

Compilation of all Ivermectin Studies mentioned by Dr. Marik:


September 15, 2020 Dr. Paul Marik, author of the MATH+ Protocol and Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care at the Eastern Virginia Medical School at Norfolk Virginia speaks with Dr. Been about how critical timing of treatment and how treatment emphasis changes from viral replication to inflammation reviewing the four stages of Covid-19. Particular emphasis in this discussion goes over treatment of recovering patients experiencing immune dysregulation, profound inflammation Dr. Been explains as the long haulers.


July 18, 2020 Dr. Paul Marik, author of the MATH+ Protocol and Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care at the Eastern Virginia Medical School at Norfolk Virginia speaks on the coalition of doctors providing care utilizing MATH+ protocol. Dr. Marik explains the importance of understanding the dynamics of the disease, how it progresses, early treatment, why corticosteroids and vitamin C work together in combating the inflamation and cytokine activation, melatonin and other details of the therapeutics utilized.


July 15, 2020 Dr. Paul Marik, author of the MATH+ Protocol and Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care at the Eastern Virginia Medical School at Norfolk Virginia confers the importance of treating Covid-19 early and aggressively. Dr. Marik clarifies the various stages of the illness and the protocols deployed to treat patients at each stage and how it becomes increasing more difficult to reverse as the patient progresses into the later stages of the disease. 


MATH+ Protocol


MATH+ Protocol Summary


Crash Course in Zinc and Zinc Ionophores

October 15, 2020 Dr. John Campbell reiterates zinc deficiency and poor Covid-19 outcomes.


International Journal of Infectious Diseases: Covid-19 Poor Outcomes in Patients with Zinc Deficiency at Dr. Rela Institute and Medical Centre Chennai India.


Dr. Seheult of Medcram provides a beautiful illustration of how Zinc works to inhibit viral replication and Zinc Ionphore significance in assisting Zinc ions to transport through the cell wall to increase intra-cellular concentrations of Zinc.

Significance of Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Quercetin, NAC, Melatonin against Viral Infections and Covid-19

March 7, 2021 Dr. Paul Marik of Eastern Virginia Medical School interview with DrBeen Medical Lectures provides updates going over meta analysis of the role of Vitamin D and Melatonin’s effect on Covid-19.

Dr. Seheult of Medcram provides updates going over new studies including randomized controlled studies and a ten year long retrospective study of the role of Vitamin D’s effect on cancers and viral infections including Covid-19.

Vitamin D Analog Calcefidiol May Reduce Bradykinin Storm

Dr. Seheult of Medcram provides updates going over Bradykinin hypothesis and how a new randomized controlled double blind study looks at of the role of dosing Calcefidiol 532mcg on day 1 and 266mcg on days 3 and 7, an analog of Vitamin D in alleviating the adverse effects inflammation, fluid build up, heart, lung, kidney complications from the Bradykinin storm in Covid-19 patients.



High Fructose Corn Syrup Adverse Effects on Vitamin D Assimilation

Dr. Seheult of Medcram provides useful data on the adverse effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup and the mechanisms of how High Fructose causes oxidative stress affecting the angiotensin II to angiotensin 17 conversion. Angiotensin 17 is the inhibitor of super oxide. Ace2 is a significant component of the conversion of Angiotensin II to Angiotensin 17. When Sars-Cov-2 binds to the ACE2 receptor site, less Ace2 receptors are available for the conversion of the Angiotensin II to Angiotensin 17 which induces an environment conducive for the formation of super oxides leading to increasing oxidative stress contributing to the endothelial dysfunction leading to increase in Von Willebrand factor leading to Thrombosis. According to studies highlighted, high fructose may interfere with the metabolizing of the active form of Vitamin D.



Haruo Ozaki Tokyo Medical Association Chairman, Kitasato University Omura Satoshi Memorial Institute and Keio University Faculty of Pharmacists Favor Ivermectin For Covid-19

August 13, 2021 お賽銭マンチャンネル  Haruo Ozaki Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association Interpreted Remarks at the Tokyo Medical Association Emergency Meeting: Interpreted from Japanese to English not machine translated.

“We are contemplating the possibilities of using an orally administered medication that can protect against severe Covid-19. One of these medications used for parasitic infections and ticks is called Ivermectin. We have been receiving numerous reports that Ivermectin has been showing effectiveness against severe Covid-19. However there is controversy surrounding this matter. We must consider its effectiveness and we at the Tokyo Medical Association intend to support and advance this effort and pray we can move as quickly as possible with the approval of clinical trials.

Whether Ivermectin is effective or not we must verify thoroughly while considering administering Ivermectin for investigative emergency use in an environment where we have so many Covid-19 patients.

An interesting point of note to observe in the slides is the Filarial Worm causing Onchocersiasis (River Blindness) destroys the eye once the parasite enters the eye and has been a major cause of blindness in South American and African countries. By administering Ivermectin this sickness has seen considerable decrease. The mysterious and interesting aspect of this medication is, as a preventative, it is administered in a specific dose regimen once a year to prevent Onchocersiasis.

Many data points have been published regarding Ivermectin Covid-19 efficacy. In African countries administering Ivermectin as preventative not necessarily for Covid-19 and African countries that do not administer Ivermectin. When contrasting these data points, African countries administering Ivermectin we see 134.4 positive Covid-19 cases and 2.2 deaths out of 100,000 people. Whereas in African countries not administering Ivermectin we see 950.6 Covid-19 cases and 29.3 deaths out of 100,000 people. There is an obvious difference here. This is not to say Ivermectin is effective however, even looking at this type of data we cannot say Ivermectin has no effect whatsoever. We must verify this however in this tense situation, of course for patients who are able to receive Ivermectin, informed consent should be performed and we are at a stage where authorization for the dispensing of Ivermectin should be approved for experimental use.”

WhiteBoard Doctor Channel has made this video unavailable. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/sArj3NY2i30?t=43


April 3, 2021 WhiteBoard Doctor provides an analysis of a 52 page Review Article by Kitasato University Omura Satoshi Memorial Institute and Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy by PHDs Morimasa Yagisawa, Patrick J. Foster, Hideaki Hanaki, Satoshi Omura.



Key Insights Gained from this Article:

  1. Therapeutics in Use from April 2020 to December 2020
  2. Worldwide Compilation of Registered and Unregistered Ivermectin trials and studies from April 2020 to December 2020.
  3. Substantial increase in Doctor Initiated Clinical Trials due to Primary Ivermectin supplier Merck position indicating no interest in funding and engaging in clinical trials of Ivermectin to expand indications for Covid-19 treatment.
  4. Dr. Jean Jacque Rajter Browder County Florida Landmark Ivermectin Real World Evidentiary Study.
  5. FLCCC Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik’s presentation of clinical evidence from their MATH+, IMASK+ and IRECOVER Covid-19 treatment protocols compelling NIH upgrade of its position regarding Ivermectin to a neutral stance neither for or against the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of Covid-19.
  6. “FLCCC issues public letter on January 23, 2021 to University of Oxford requesting a reconsideration of the protocol for Ivermectin Clinical Trials arguing that giving placebos to control group patients in trials already making use of existing off-label drugs does not ensure the life and health of the clinical trial patients” in violation of the fundamental principles of the Helsinki Convention.
  7. Health Bureaucracies inability to adapt Novel Trial Design and incorporating Real World Clinical Evidence per the 21st Century Cures Act Public Law 114-255 Section 3021 and 3022 to accelerate expanding indications for existing medications specific to Covid-19 to deal with the current Pandemic’s time sensitivity.
  8. Unusual disparity with Ivermectin Covid-19 guidelines between the NIH and Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) causing mass confusion and preventing wide spread dispensing and use of Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19.
  9. Meetizan Donation Program (MDP) mass dispensing of 3.7 billion doses of Ivermectin over the prior 30 years for the prevention and treatment of Filarial Parasitic infections in African countries participating in the African Program for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC) program.
  10. Merck, NIH, IDSA Ignoring the statistically significant evidence of .017 with APOC participating countries Covid-19 morbidity rate at 8% vs. 28% of non participating countries.

HCQ and Ivermectin Pre and Post Exposure Prophylaxis and Treatment Studies

WhiteBoard Doctor Channel has made the preprint analysis of the Zagazig University Randomized Control Trial covered on September 3, 2020 Unavailable. URL for the video https://youtu.be/nJyyISQg85M

September 19, 2020 WhiteBoard Doctor provides a preprint analysis of the Zagazig University Randomized Control Trial covered on September 3, 2020 of a Post Exposure Prophylaxis study consisting of 340 patients treated with Ivermectin. Study reveals 7.4% of the patient group treated with Ivermectin experienced Covid-19 like symptoms and 58.4% in the non Ivermectin group arm experienced Covid-19 like symptoms indicating a statistically significant difference in decreasing the onset of symptoms between the two groups.


WhiteBoard Doctor Channel has made the Video Analysis of the Belgian Retrospective Observatioal Cohort Study from September 13, 2020 Unavailable. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/ihEkCddeLOA

September 13, 2020 WhiteBoard Doctor provides an in depth analysis of a Belgian Retrospective Observational Cohort study of 8075 Covid-19 patients treated with low dose HCQ treatment of 2400mg of HCQ over a five day duration. Patients were sick inpatients. Study reveals the patient group treated with low dose HCQ resulted in a mortality rate was 17% whereas the non treatment group mortality rate was 27% showing statistical significance. Caveat for this study was that the treatment group and non treatment group were not well matched and balanced.


WhiteBoard Doctor Channel has made the Video Analysis of the September 6, 2020 Observational Case Study Unavailable. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/2LjIMX_qwZ0

September 6, 2020 WhiteBoard Doctor provides an in depth analysis of a Observational Case series of 100 patients treated with Ivermectin and Doxycycline. Study reveals patients achieved viral and symptom clearance by 72 hours. Caveat for this study is that there was no control group that did not receive treatment to compare the 100 patient treatment group.


WhiteBoard Doctor Channel has made the Video Analysis of the September 3, 2020 Zagazig University Sharkira Egypt Randomized Control Trial Unavailable. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/TmzvDa9Un44

September 3, 2020 WhiteBoard Doctor provides an in depth analysis of a Randomized Control Trial conducted at Zagazig University in Sharkia Egypt to observe Ivermectin’s efficacy as Prophylaxis for asymptomatic family members with close contact to PCR positive Covid-19 family members. The study measures any symptoms and positive PCR during a 14 day duration of the close contacts. Results show statistical significance for the group administered Ivermectin vs. the non administered group indicating Ivermectin’s prophylactic effects against Sars-Cov-2 infection. However the preprint below is not the complete study. Further details of the published study should provide additional insight into Ivermectin’s effectiveness as prophylaxis.


WhiteBoard Doctor Channel has made the Video of the Kolkata India Retrospective Cohort Trial Unavailable. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/nIJDxEuu_Qw

WhiteBoard Doctor provides an in depth analysis of a Kolkata India Retrospective Cohort Trial for HCQ For Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Against COVID-19:


Dr. Raphael Stricker specialist in the areas of Hematology, Immunology for Infectious Diseases provides a unique insight for the use of HCQ as a pre exposure prophylaxis based on the safety profile, 40 day half life duration of HCQ. His insight draws from his unique experience treating and researching tick born illnesses such as Babesia and mosquito born diseases such as Malaria for clues on preventatives for Covid-19.


Pre Exposure Prophylaxis for Covid-19 Disease


Dr. Trevor Marshall Explains the Workings of Ivermectin

Video Interview with Dr. Trevor Marshall from August 2, 2020 has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/BvASitqCsPk

August 2, 2020 Dr. Trevor Marshall explains how one dose of 15mg to 20mg of Ivermectin in a typical adult prevents the the Importin Alpha and Beta proteins from binding to dimers preventing the transportation of viral replicase into the cell nucleus where the replication process occurs. Furthermore Ivermectin’s action is theorized to work on other RNA viruses beyond Covid-19 such as Influenza.

Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter and Dr. Juliana Cepelowicz Rajter Broward County Ivermectin Success

July 15, 2020 Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter and Dr. Juliana Cepelowicz Rajter provides review of how they discovered Ivermectin, their clinical successes administering Ivermectin to their patients and how Ivermectin became a standard of care for Covid-19 patients at Broward Health Medical Center in Florida. Rajter provides an update of their status with the publishing of their data and currently organizing a randomized control trial with a cooperative of hospitals.

Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter and Dr. Juliana Cepelowicz Rajter Retrospective Observational Data



Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter Contact and Insights



Dr. Seheult’s Reasoning for Treating Covid-19 Patients with Ivermectin

“Studies are still pending but, Ivermectin has been a medication used for decades. We know the side effect profile of it. Its a relatively safe medication, again the question is do we use it and find out later that it didn’t work ok it didn’t work, or do we not use it and find out that it may work or it does work and we didn’t use it. I think I would rather make the first error than the second.”

Dr. Roger Seheult of Medcram – Pulmonologist at Beaver Medical Group Banning California

Thomas Borody Ivermectin + Doxycycline + Zinc Triple Therapy

August 14, 2021 YouTube has removed Part 1 of the September 12. 2020 Covexit Interview with Professor Thomas Borody. Please see the link below to the Rumble instance of Part 1 of the interview or view the interview directly at the Covexit page here


September 12 and 22, 2020 Covexit interviews Gastroenterologist and Infectious Diseases Professor Thomas Borody specializes in repurposing combined medications developed curative treatments for peptic ulcers and Crohns Disease. Professor Borody repurposed medications treats patients for 10 days with an appropriate dose of Ivermectin, Doxycycline and Zinc daily against the intracellular viral replication proceess with a 92% to 100% cure rate. Focus on this treatment is for out patients before patients develop symptoms while the viral load is low.

Professor Borody goes on to mention that its a similar strategy to Dr. Zelenko’s approach and he has not been listened to.

Covexit inquires whether the data will be gathered, analyzed and published, Professor Borody responds,

“We will be comparing straight observational data with retrospective historical data from the same care homes. It will not be the ideal situation but we are forced by this type of condition to go this pathway. If anyone suggests a randomized control trial, it tells me they don’t know what they are talking about.”

Professor Borody provides an analogy referring to the study below regarding the appropriateness of Randomized Control Trials to test the mortality of using and not using Parachutes jumping off of airplanes..

Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma when jumping from aircraft: randomized controlled trial


Sky News Interview with Dr. Mark Hobart’ from September 7,2020 has been made unavailable. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/fBoElcSpkyk

September 7, 2020 Gastroenterologist Dr. Mark Hobart speaks on his experience treating his patients early with Professor Thomas Borody’s treatment Ivermectin + Doxycycline + Zinc and has been shown to be clinically effective and harmless supporting its use as opposed to the alternative which is no treatment. Dr. Hobart has not encountered any resistance from the Australian Medical authorities but no encouragement which he hoped there would be encouragement in the absence of any treatment at the moment.

Sky News Interview with Professor Thomas Borody clarifying how approved medications do not go through trials was removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/YxZyXsNWqxs?t=220

Professor Thomas Borody a gastroenterologist provides insights on how approved medications do not go through trials. Borody advocates for the use of Ivermectin and companion medications including Doxycycline and Zinc to save lives and reiterates the safety profile of Ivermectin.

August 13, 2020 Professor Thomas Borody Proposal for Ivermectin


Professor Thomas Borody is an expert in the areas drug repurposing specifically for intracellular bacteria and viruses and surprised with how little side effects Ivermectin has how effective Ivermectin + Doxycycline + Zinc together work to treat Sars-Cov-2.

July 27, 2020 Trialsite reviews Dr. Tarek Alam Ivermectin study treating 500 patients with the anti-parasitic drug.

August 16, 2020 Bangledesh Ivermectin Study


WhiteBoard Doctor Channel has made the Video of the Iraq Pilot Trial Unavailable. URL for the video was https://youtu.be/UPWJ9uawqko

WhiteBoard Doctor provides an in depth analysis of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Azithromycin Combination Therapy For COVID-19: Iraq Pilot Trial

Trialsite goes to Peru to document the widespread Ivermectin accessibility and self medicating phenomenon amongst Peruvians and how Peru’s health system administers Ivermectin to reduce spread of Covid-19.

FDA Warning for People Self Medicating Ivermectin Products Intended for Animals

“FDA is concerned about the health of consumers who may self-medicate by taking ivermectin products intended for animals, thinking they can be a substitute for ivermectin intended for humans. People should never take animal drugs, as the FDA has only evaluated their safety and effectiveness in the particular animal species for which they are labeled. These animal drugs can cause serious harm in people. People should not take any form of ivermectin unless it has been prescribed to them by a licensed health care provider and is obtained through a legitimate source.”

Full FDA Letter:


Dr. Harvey Risch Yale School of Medicine and Public Health Epidemiologist

November 19, 2020 Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr.  George Fareed and Dr. Peter A. McCullough in a Homeland Security Committee hearing offers systematic personal testimony of patients treated in the outpatient setting. The testimony includes the 4 pillars of health care emphasizing one neglected and conflated pillar, which is Early Home and Ambulatory treatment. This essential pillar of care is critically important to counter the viral infection at the viral replication stage of the disease.

Each pathologic stage of the disease has its own treatments. The testimony takes an evidence based medicine approach rebutting the FDA and NIH National Institute of Health’s position of no early treatment.  Please see the early ambulatory treatment paper below discussed in this testimony for more information.

American Journal of Medicine – Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-COV-2 Infection

September 30, 2020 Dr. Harvey Risch, Joseph A. Ladapo, John E. McKinnon, Peter A. McCullough Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Control Trials of HCQ use for Sars-Cov-2 pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and outpatients.

Randomized Controlled Trials of Early Ambulatory Hydroxychloroquine in the Prevention of COVID-19 Infection, Hospitalization, and Death: 


September 24, 2020 Dr. Harvey Risch cites the 9 aspects of causal reasoning from Epidemiologist Sir Austin Bradford Hill on the criteria of whether associations are causal or not. 


Dr. Harvey Risch Video from September 5, 2020 has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service. URL to the Video was https://youtu.be/WT8iVeCIlGI?t=210

September 5, 2020 Dr. Harvey Risch reiterates, this disease must be treated early particularly in high risk groups ages 60 and over and patients with comorbid and chronic illnesses high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, cancers etc. There is uniform benefit in treating these people with HCQ. Refinement of medical practice, HCQ works best with Zinc. We deal with empirical data and that is what tells us best about its use in a controlled manner as best as possible.

August 23, 2020 Dr. Harvey Risch emphasizes again the unassailable evidence for the early outpatient treatment of Covid19 carriers in high risk groups over the age of 60 with comorbid and immuno compromised conditions. Risch goes on to speak of an incident with Dr. Fauci in 1987 where he had refused to recommend the use of the Antibiotic Bactrim to prophylax and treat AIDS patients from succumbing to Pneumocystis Pneumonia that costed the lives of 17,000 AIDS patients during the two years that activists took to raise the money by themselves to fund and complete the randomized control trial for Bactrim Dr. Fauci required, which parallels the same situation Hydroxychloroquine is experiencing today.

The Huffington Post February 21, 2014 article details the tragedy of 1987 below:


Dr. Harvey Risch Video from August 7, 2020 has been changed to Private and is no longer available. URL to the Video was https://youtu.be/cMcYGHzUzqI


August 7, 2020 Dr. Harvey Risch offers scathing remarks of doctors and clinicians who are unable to distinguish which groups should be treated, which groups should not be treated with Hydroxychloroquine and companion medications, ought to have their medical acumen questioned.

Dr. Harvey Risch Newsweek Article, The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It | Opinion Piece


Dr. Harvey Risch states in his Washington Examiner Article:

If you are told that HCQ does not work, ask this question:

  1. Does it not work in those who have just started to have symptoms, or those sick enough to require hospitalization?

Randomized controlled trials show no benefit for HCQ:

  1. In which group of patients does HCQ show no benefit?


Dr. Harvey Risch Epidemiologist at the Yale School of Medicine and Public Health paper “Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk Covid-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis” published on May 27, 2020 and updated.


Balram Bhargava India Council of Medical Research Delhi Director General

May 22, 2020 Hindustan Times Cross referencing how other health systems and practice of medicine in other regions have been coping and reducing the spread Sars-Cov-2, India’s ICMR India Council of Medical Research and the reasoning provided by their Director General Balram Bhargava provided an explanation that appears to fulfill the demands of emergency situations. He states that repurposing medications and the decision to use Hydroxychloroquine HCQ for Covid19 positive patients, pre exposure prophylaxis for health care workers, front line workers and Covid19 positive close contacts were based on Biological Plausibility from:

  1. In Vitro studies of the anti viral, immunological effects of HCQ on Covid19
  2. Availability of HCQ
  3. Safety of HCQ

They determine that HCQ and companion medications may work and ICMR opted out of randomized control trials for medications that may work opting for on the field evidence gathering in tandem with dispensing, prescribing and administering HCQ. Bhargava states that the risk benefit they find that possibly we should not deny Health Care Workers dealing with Covid-19 patients on the front line and should continue to utilize PPE.

Revised May 22, 2020 Advisory on the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as prophylaxis for SARS-CoV-2 infection (in supersession of previous advisory dated 23rd March, 2020) 


India Journal of Medical Research

Healthcare workers & SARS-CoV-2 infection in India: A case-control investigation in the time of COVID-19 Chatterjee P, Anand T, Singh KJ, Rasaily R, Singh R, Das S, Singh H, Praharaj I, Gangakhedkar RR, Bhargava B, Panda S – Indian J Med Res


Key take away of the Hydroxychloroquine Prophylaxis study above;

  1. Hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis: Distribution of cases and controls across exposures in univariate analysis indicated the association of risk (P=0.087) of SARS-CoV-2 infection with the lack of HCQ prophylaxis [Table 3]. However, the number of maintenance doses taken by HCWs following the intake of a loading dose revealed a protective dose-response relationship. Consumption of four or more maintenance doses was associated with a significant decline in the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection among the study participants [Figure 1]. The significant declining trend had an overall χ[2] value of 48.88 (P <0.001).
  2. Of the 172 cases and 193 controls reporting HCQ intake, no significant difference in the occurrence of adverse drug reactions was noted. The three most common side effects of HCQ as reported by the cases and controls were nausea (5 vs. 8%), headache (6 vs. 5%) and diarrhoea (5 vs. 4%). While none of the controls on HCQ complained of palpitations, only one case (1/172, 0.6%) reported the same. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as acidity and vomiting following HCQ intake ranged from 0.6 per cent in cases to about two per cent in controls. Very few cases (0.6%) and controls (1.4%) had skin rashes after consuming HCQ.
  3. Multivariate analysis: Factors found associated (P <0.1) with SARS-CoV-2 infection among HCWs in univariate analysis and having biological plausibility were entered into multivariate model. In case of conceivable similarity between explanatory variables, one was chosen over another to avoid collinearity. For example, PPE rather than individual items (cap, mask, gown, glove, etc.) of PPE was included in the model. Adjusted for[25] gender, use of PPE, endotracheal intubation, different intensity of exposure to prophylactic HCQ and testing place with date, intake of 4-5 maintenance doses of HCQ [adjusted odds ratio (AOR): 0.44; 95% confidence interval (CI): 0.22-0.88; P=0.02] was found to independently impart the protective effect against SARS-CoV-2 infection among HCWs [Table 4]. Notwithstanding this effect, the advantage of PPE usage was also independently indicated by the multivariate model. Noticeably, six or more prophylactic doses of HCQ used by HCWs had a remarkably high (>80%) protective effect against SARS-CoV-2 infection.

August 13, 2020 Telemedicine IGMC Shimla Dr. Sanjay K Mahajan associate professor of Medicne at IGMC Shimla provides details of the role of Hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic and prophylactic.

FDA Disclaimer:

* The statements made above and the efficacy of these measures have not been confirmed or approved by the FDA. These measures are internal implementations and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat , prevent disease or other ailments. All information here is for educational purposes only. It is highly recommended to seek your own research and due diligence to form your conclusions. The information here is not intended to substitute or serve as an alternative to health care professionals, practitioners and FDA clinical research findings.

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