“Without the choice of anonymity and privacy liberty is precluded”

1. We do not sell customer and guest information to 3rd parties.

2. All credit card information once entered into the Booker system, is no longer readable except for the last 4 digits. For compliance of credit card security, regardless of repeat or new guests, we request for credit card information during every appointment booking to secure the time and date of the appointment.

3. All credit card information manually written by reception during phone bookings are shredded and eliminated daily.

4. We send out occasional notices by SMS and email to guests who have frequented us before for maintenance appointments, appointment reminders, holiday specials, additional information regarding new programs and deals for guests.

5. We have been aware of the Facebook, Whatsapp side chain security issues for several years and refrained from utilizing facebook or whatsapp accounts to register or sign up for other accounts providing side chain data access. We refrain from installing Facebook/Messenger or Whatsapp on mobile devices and focus social media efforts on other robust reasonably hardened alternatives at the moment.

5. We are aware of Google’s invasive tracking and surveillance schemes through the use of Google Timeline , Android OS, sales of search engine browsing behaviors, docs, maps, gmail data access etc. In addition, the vulnerability with SS7 telephony network intercepts of authentication codes for Google two factor authentication has caused us to reevaluate 3rd party services utilizing insecure authentication processes. Currently we are gradually moving away from some of Google’s services to alternatives that are affordable and within financial reach. We have faith Google will take a stand on the side of Liberty.

6. We are aware of the redirection of internet traffic, TLS streams of any services leasing or utilizing Amazon Atlas Data Centers and AWS infrastructure by 3rd party agencies colocating with such infrastructure.

7. We are currently efforting and exploring Qubes virtualization, Lavabit DIME, anticipating MuSig, Bellare and Neven signature scheme upgrades to Bitcoin and other viable user opsecs, cryptographic and internet protocol related developments to reasonably harden security and privacy measures beyond the current available technology.

Qubes OS: The Operating System That Can Protect You Even If You Get Hacked