Specialty Massages

Specialty Massage treatments are the;

  • Honua Therapeutic Custom Massage
  • Prenatal Custom Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Traditional Shiatsu / Acupressure
  • Reflexology Foot Massage
  • Neck and Back Release Massage

The massages provided here are all massage therapy intended for guests with specific pain, areas of tightness, conditions with variable pressure preferences. The custom treatment is a fully tailored and unique massage. Specialty Massages take into consideration such as recovery aid fromo ailments, injuries, psychological adversities including stress, anxiety, sleep working to aid specific goals guests have in mind.

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Specialty Massages

Honua Therapeutic Custom Massage

#2 Therapist Choice 60Min.  90Min.  120Min.

Deep Tissue Massage 60Min.  90Min.  120Min.

Shiatsu  60Min.   90Min.   120Min.

Reflexology   60Min.

Neck Back Release  60Min.  90Min.  120Min.

Prenatal Massage  60Min.  90Min.  120Min.


60Min. – $84 per Guest

90min. – $110 per Guest

120Min. – $144 per Guest

60Min. – $168 per Couples

90Min. – $220 per Couples

120Min. – $288 per Couples

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