Specialty Massages

Specialty Massage treatments are the;

  • Honua Therapeutic Custom Massage
  • Prenatal Custom Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Reflexology Foot Massage
  • Neck and Back Release Massage

The massages provided here are all custom massages and are intended give the customer a fully tailored and unique massage. Specialty Massages take into consideration specific problem areas, focus areas, pressure preferences, conditions to aid specific goals guests have in mind.

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Specialty Massages

Honua Therapeutic Custom Massage

#2 Therapist Choice 60Min.  90Min.  120Min.

Deep Tissue Massage 60Min.  90Min.  120Min.

Reflexology   60Min.

Neck Back Release  60Min.  90Min.  120Min.

Prenatal Massage  60Min.  90Min.  120Min.


60Min. – $84 per Guest

90min. – $110 per Guest

120Min. – $144 per Guest

60Min. – $168 per Couples

90Min. – $220 per Couples

120Min. – $288 per Couples

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