Fire and Ice Sports Massage 120min

$156.00 excluding tax $163.36 including 4.72% tax 2 hours

Fire and Ice Sports 120min. Massage is our third originally designed massage treatment inspired by sport and athletics participants requiring deep connective tissue work along various muscle strands, joint musculature, tendons and ligaments. Drawing from the Japanese, Korean Sauna culture, the utilization of hot stones and ice to vary temperature during massage treatment to stimulate fluid circulation, perspiration has been Very popular among Honolulu Marathon Runners, Kayak and Canoe Racers, Triathletes, Olympic Swimmers, Professional Basketball players, Surfers, Capoeira and other Martial Arts enthusiasts, and Dancers. The 120min. duration is our complete duration for guests seldom or never having massage requiring extensive work and multiple key connecting problem areas, strains, bursitis and tendinitis symptoms. Please confer our therapists or with us directly for inquiries regarding the most suitable duration for your needs. Mahalo


For the avid sports participants and athletes from hobbyist, intramural, intercollegiate to professional. Utilizing a combination of hot stones and ice to provide for time sensitive deep Muscle Fascia, tendon, joint musculature work to promote increase in blood circulation, relief from muscle strains, mild sprains and combined as an aid to recovery from rigorous high impact muscle contractions and use. Beneficial for athletes and sport enthusiasts requiring prehabilitation, rehabilitation aids within a 72 hour time span of exertion.