Hands Arms Spa 30min

$40.00 excluding tax $41.89 including 4.72% tax 30 minutes

Hands Arms Spa 30min. is supplemental massage treatment able to be added to any of the 60min. 90min. and 120min. massage, facial and Spa Journey treatments for guests requiring exclusive focus on the fingers, thumb, wrist, forearms, arms and shoulders tightness and onset of carpal tunnel.


Concentrated massage mixing vital point Shiatsu base, with forearms and hands to focus primarily on fingers, thumbs, wrist musculature, front and back side of the forearms, elbows, biceps, triceps and shoulders. General reduction in pain, stiffness, tightness in range of motion to these specific regions. Recommended for guests with mild to onset of carpal tunnel, involved in various trades such as construction, plumbing, massage therapy, and technology related developers, programmers and general office use with poor wrist posture.


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