Shiatsu 60min

$84.00 excluding tax $87.96 including 4.72% tax 60 minutes

Shiatsu 60min. is well suited for guests with general and critical problem area vital point work. Duration is also sufficient as a maintenance treatment to a regular massage regiment. Many guests have requested this treatment for relief to effect recovery and improving muscle tightness, stiffness, improving mobility, carpal tunnel, joint musculature, connecting muscles and vital points. Effective traditional therapy in muscle strain and overuse recovery over time from regular consistent repeat treatments. Please confer with your therapist or contact us directly for recommendations on whether a regular or semi regular treatment schedule maybe beneficial going forward to further sustain and improve your specific conditions. Mahalo


A dry non oil acupressure based therapy massage. Utilizing primarily the thumbs and fingers to apply focused pressure to specific interconnected points along meridians stimulating energy (ki) flows. Highly effective in reducing pain, muscle stiffness, tightness, strains, stress, sciatica, and increasing blood flow similar to Lomi Lomi, reducing systolic blood pressure, revitalizing from lethargy, sluggishness, fatigue and jet lag. Modern Shiatsu requires knowledge and innate experience with anatomy, physiology and the effects of applied pressure to specific points along the meridian lines including the application and degree of pressure to be applied according to the each guest’s conditions.