Neck and Back Release Massage 120min

$144.00 excluding tax $150.80 including 4.72% tax 2 hours

Neck and Back Release 120min. Massage is a custom treatment well suited for guests with serious to severe neck and back issues requiring maximum duration to work specifically in those regions exclusively. Utilizing careful intake and conference with the guest to implement any and all massage styles and traditions to formulate effective solutions. This massage duration is sufficient for guests with chnronic pain requiring extensive work in shoulders, neck, back. Effective for guests with variable pressure preferences from soft, medium, firm, strong, requiring relief from inflammation from poor neck posture, constant neck bend overs from prolonged cell phone use, desk work, eye fatigue from heavy computer monitor screen use, occupational neck injury, neck strain from sports. Also effective in recovery from cervical and thoracic subluxation complementing chiropractic realignments and decompression. Please confer with your therapist or contact us directly for recommendations on the suitability of this treatment as problems may extend beyond the neck and back regions. We are also open to consultation on whether a regular or semi regular treatment schedule maybe beneficial going forward to further sustain and improve your specific conditions. Mahalo


A custom massage treatment designed specifically for guests requiring exclusive focus on the sub cranium, neck, shoulders, back regions. Suited for guests who receive full body massage on a regular basis requiring only specific focus concentration. Many with subluxation in the cervical and thoracic may have extreme stiffness around the neck, headaches, knots in muscle above the clavicle. For guests not requiring a full body work massage treatment, experiencing headaches and head tension, we recommend a combination of 30min. head spa addon and the Neck and Back Release.