Massage Scrub Detox 90min

$124.00 excluding tax $129.85 including 4.72% tax 90 minutes

Massage Scrub Detox 90min. is another inspired treatment from guest’s feedback requesting a massage component in combination with a full body scrub suitable for most dermal conditions. Deeply relaxing and refreshing especially for guests wishing to remove excess dead skin cell matter from sun burn recovery, sports, and outdoor activity causing dirt, dust, sand accumulation. Scrub and Massage duration is split into 45min. and 45min. duration sufficient for general body work. Suited for guests having massage and skin cleaning infrequently requiring sufficient time. For additional time we recommend the full 120min. duration Massage Scrub Detox or a for specific focus on extremities we recommend any of our addons as supplement. Please confer with your duo licensed Esthetician / Massage Therapist any specific dermal conditions and massage related physical and mental conditions to assist in determining suitability of this treatment. Mahalo


Combination massage and body scrub treatment to detoxify and uplift and moisturize skin while removing dead skin cells with smoothing, firming, cleansing and cleaning skin pores. Additionally improve blood circulation to skin followed with a full  body relaxation massage. Requested by guests desiring a combination of cleansing and cleaning of the skin combined with massage.