Hawaiian After Sun Comfort 60min

$84.00 excluding tax $87.96 including 4.72% tax 60 minutes

Hawaiian After Sun Comfort 120min. is a treatment designed exclusively for mitigating pain, hydrating, moisturizing, infusing, saturating various skin regenerating aids such as noni, aloe, vitamin E, therapy grade lavender and other local products and nutrients to help promote recovery for mild to moderate over exposure to the sun. We have received guests in the past who are unaccustomed to the harsh UV exposure of Hawaii and or may lack sufficient skin pigmentation or melanin to withstand prolonged exposure to UV rays. Please confer with your duo licensed Esthetician / Massage Therapist or with us directly on the suitability of this treatment. For severe sun burn experiencing too much pain we advise to allow the pain to subside prior to having this treatment.

* Massage not included in this treatment


100% Skin Treatment requested from guests with moderate to serious sunburn. Designed specifically to cool down the body utilizing Noni, aloe, vitamin and other local products to saturate skin regenerating nutrients to aid in recovery and mitigate peeling. Hydration of skin through the body including facial regions coupled with a scalp massage.

*Exclusively skin oriented treatment massage not included.

*We dissuade guests experiencing severe sunburn where the skin is bright red and too painful for tactile contact from requesting this treatment, We recommend allowing pain to subside and limit exposure to sun and further ultra violet ray exposure.