Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage is Useless for Jet Lag Fatigue?

Jet Lag Symptoms from East to West Travel

The physical and mental debilitative effects of east/west long flights across multiple time zones are felt by many including ourselves. The symptoms and effects range from mild mental and physical fatigue, swelling of limbs to severe cases such are ourselves that experience nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting and insomnia.

Severe cases of jet lag occur for us when we travel east from Honolulu towards New York or New Jersey or other parts of the east coast of the continental United States or residents travelling abroad west to Asia and returning state side or to Honolulu. The adverse effects of jet lag or circadian desynchrony are often ignored, or handled in varying ways. Ignoring this problem has taken away valuable time from maximizing enjoyment during family vacations, honeymoons, or affect concentration and focus adversely on tasks and objectives for working travelers.

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Circadian Rhythm Affected by Sun Light and Meal Times

There is ample references to jet lag and we now know that jet lag is a real physical phenomenon, and involves disruption of the circadian rhythm by differing times and duration our ocular senses detect light and differing meal times. When our customary hours eating meals and times light enters the eyes change, the pineal gland’s secretion of melatonin is affected. When the times we detect daylight changes, our circadian rhythm is disrupted further disrupting our sleep cycle pattern, correlating to adverse affects on our pituitary, endocrine systems that influence mood, regulating our testosterone, progesterone and estrogen circulation.

The question that emerges is how can you adapt and re-calibrate your circadian rhythm as quickly and safely as possible to the new meal times and new sunlight times.

Fluid Circulation and Massage for Jet Lag Recovery

Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage is useless for jet lag and fatigue? On the contrary Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage is encouraged for all guests travelling to Hawaii, not only for the therapeutic benefits described here, but for the cultural and invisible spiritual and emotional attributes that work together with other recovery aids to assist in improving Jet Lag symptoms and Re-Calibration of Circadian Rhythm. One of the ways that have assisted in accelerating recovery for mild to severe jet lag issues has been to increase fluid circulation, and work muscle tissues with a massage. Personally a massage after you land at your destination point and having a massage on the day of your departure home is a practice that has made long flights much less taxing and debilitating.

For guests visiting from overseas, getting a 90min. Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage on the day of arrival and day of departure is highly recommended.

Additionally one key item to make sure to bring with you during travels for long air travel, cold, windy, low humidity places is a small 100ml TSA compliant bottle of organic coconut oil for topical use on the scalp, face, lips and exposed areas. It cannot be stressed enough how often the use of coconut oil for moisturizing and protecting skin from the cold dry climates and prolonged high altitude air travel has helped. For guests with dry, damaged and dehydrated skin, add the Organic Samoan Coconut Oil to your Lomi Lomi Massage and enhance your treatment to an Organic Lomi Lomi Massage to revitalize and re-hydrate your skin.

What Is Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage?

Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage is part of Hawaiian traditional medicine using rhythms, prayer, tactile contact of therapist practitioner’s ki, chi, mana, prana with guests to share Love, Aloha, to learn about each other, their heart, which are part of the expressions, conveying back and forth and wish of the practitioner for the guest and vice versa.

The Flow of Lomi Lomi is similar to musical rhythm resembling syncing with melodies of what the guest may express to their practitioner. The physical massage resembles long kneading strokes. The use of forearms and elbows by practitioner Aloha and Love for their guest can really utilize their leverage, life force, combined with accurate weight distribution bearing down with precise target points, pressure into vital organ areas, the kidneys, stomach, liver feel being massaged and manipulated. The feeling is difficult to articulate however deeply therapeutic and definitely worth experiencing personally.

Lomi Lomi Massage is difficult to understand because ki, chi, mana, prana or life force, transferring of good feelings and vibes between the therapist practitioner and guest, the meta emotional and spiritual aspects of the treatment are invisible and relegated to new age concepts. For example weight distribution and hitting target points cannot be readily seen with the eyes and felt when you sense tactile pressure on your body pressure points.

Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage resembles some of the technical features of the western Myofascial Release Massage with the long strokes and use of fingers, hands, palms, forearms and elbows in addition to features that work on;

  • Improving range of motion
  • Decreasing mild to serious pain, muscle strain
  • Relaxing contracted muscles and promoitng overall full body relaxation
  • Increasing all types of circulation such as lymph and blood flow
  • Improving Restful Sleep
  • Recovery Aid for Jet Lag Fatigue

But most importantly the distinct features of Lomi Lomi Massage treatment is sharing the practitioners Heart and sharing of the Aloha the literal meaning which is “Sharing the Breath of Life” and Lokahi or the general objective to “Harmonize our temple pieces of Body, Mind and Spirit”, helps to temper stress, frustration, angst, aggravation, despair and other adverse emotional states.


Nutrient Supplementation to Consider for Jet Lag Recovery

Other items taken on travels to assist in aiding recovery from fatigue, swelling, inflammation, jet lag, and nausea include supplementing;

seemed synergistic and effective. By the next day there was a marked recovery particularly feeling less fatigue, inflammation nausea and loss of appetite subsided from the effects of jet lag. Although nutrient supplementation are not magic, what can be said is that they are an instrumental part of a comprehensive recovery process especially long air travel and multiple flight air travel across many time zones.

* Please take care with nutrients as we must always be mindful of potential allergic reactions. Personally none of these items and taking them together have caused adverse reactions. Customizing your own regiments of dose, frequency, combination and dialing the items in are unique. How these items are taken during travel generally is;

CBD, 5HTP, Melatonin, Tryptophan containing items are used on flight, during the evening and before bed time in various combinations. Rehydration and Remineralization is a default all day continuous activity. Pycnogenol and Turmeric were taken two to three times a day in various doses continuously through out the entire duration of travel.


The problem of fatigue, lack of energy, nausea, loss of appetite, bad moods, memory loss dysfunctions from jet lag has plagued the enjoyment of travels to new places for years. Being bed ridden and the inability to enjoy the local foods, activities and precious days during vacation or travels have been regretful. In sum, the ways to eliminate or mitigate the adverse effects of multiple time zone shifts, irregular meal times, and irregular day light times causing jet lag are;

  • Rehydration and Remineralization
  • Nutrient Supplementation
  • Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Korean and Japanese Onsen (hot springs) and cold bath alternation if accessible
  • Finnish, Korean Sauna and cold bath alternation if accessible.
  • All of the items above are working in conjunction towards the end goal of achieving Deep Restful Sleep

This combination encouraged hydration and circulation of fluids increasing blood circulation to aid in sweating, refill fluids, excrete waste fluids and matter, removing oxidative stresses and toxicity from poor air, water conditions in flight cabins have been personal cornerstones of effective recovery from from severe Jet Lag and faster, safer re-calibration of the Circadian Rhythm. We do not believe the results of the recovery practices above combined are psycho-somatic responses especially during our travels west to Asia and returning to Hawaii. The travelling customs and rituals remained the same while incorporating the practices described here showed marked improvement in recovery physically and mentally. Do you utilize any of these types of practices during your travels or any other ways that have helped to recover from severe Jet Lag? Please help us with comments and feedback below of your methods to solve this issue. Mahalo

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