Samoan Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil

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Our #1 most popular enhancement is the Hand Made Samoan Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil imported from Samoa. This coconut oil is an upgrade to the standard non scented rape seed oil used in all oil based massages and an upgrade to be added to your facial treatment and facial massage. A sustainable source of high quality coconuts from Hawaii locally are virtually non existent as most coconut vendors are private and non commercial sold in local farmers markets and peer to peer exchange. We found this coconut oil after exhaustive search and have been utilizing it personally for about 5 yeers. We chose this coconut oil as the breed, scent, lathering texture and flavor was similar to that of local Hawaii coconuts. Rather than coconuts from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines often utilized in other coconut oil manufacturers and vendors, having a distinctive and different flavor and lathering capacity, we wished to provide the best quality coconuts from Polynesia resembling coconuts from Hawaii.

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Samoan Organic Coconut Oil imported from Samoa. This cold pressed hand made oil lathers excellent with highly moisturizing and anti bacterial effects. Our #1 most popular enhancement for all facial treatments, facial massages, and our menu of massage and Spa Journey treatments utilizing oil except for Shiatsu which is a non oil based massage treatment. Highly recommended for chronic dry skin, rehydrating and moisturizing skin from high altitude travel, dry, low humidity environments.