World Massages

World Massage treatments are our core;

  • Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Swedish Massage

services provided to give the customer the therapeutic and relaxation benefits of traditional effective forms of massage philosophies and sensibilities taking into consideration specific problem areas, focus areas, durations, conditions to aid and goals in mind. The traditional treatments are soft to medium pressure. Traditional Lomi Lomi and Swedish Massage are oil based massage treatments.

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World Massages

Swedish  Massage  60Min.   90Min.  120Min.

Traditional Lomi Lomi 60Min. 90Min. 120Min.


60Min. – $74 per Guest

90Min. – $99 per Guest

120Min. – $132 per Guest

60Min. – $148 per Couples

90Min. – $198 per Couples

120Min. – $264 per Couples

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