Add Ons To Massage and Facials 30min.

Add Ons are 30min. additions to Massage and Facial treatments providing exclusive focus on the specific extremities guest request for emphasis such as the;

  • Head Spa for the Cranium, Head, Neck and Decollete regions
  • Arm and Hands Spa for Arms, Wrist, Hands, for Carpal Tunnel, muscle strain relief for Shoulder, Bicep, Tricep pain
  • Reflexology and Foot Destressor massage and compression for tired and strained Feet, Soles, Ankles up to the Calf muscle region 

Enhancements are an evolution in the array of medicinal flora, fauna, foods, and agents some of which were never known or indigenous to Hawaii that have become readily available and applicable in the present day.

Honua Therapy follows the Traditional Lā‘au Lapa‘au philosophy as interpreted from the wisdom received from Kumu’s and combined with research and development. Lā‘au Lapa‘au philosophy is the marriage of prayer, love, aloha, good vibes, blessings the components of sharing life energy, combined with knowledge and application of herbs, plants, fruits providing medicinal properties enhancing the effectiveness of massage, skin care and general overall health and well being. In essence, part of the Lā‘au Lapa‘au philosophy is similar to the present day the application of modern day holistic sciences and earth grown medicinal items used to enhance the quality of life in our personal lives and for professional use in Massage and Facial skin care treatments.

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Addons to Massage Facials and Spa Journeys
Addons to Massage Facials and Spa Journeys

Add Ons

30Min. Add-ons to Massage and Facials:

Head Spa,   Hands Arms Spa,

Foot Destressor,   Reflexology


30Min. – $40 per Guest

30Min. – $80 per Couples

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