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$40.00 excluding tax $41.89 including 4.72% tax 30 minutes

To Book Add Ons and Enhancements, please select a Massage, Facial or Spa Journey Treatment first and then choose the Add-ons and Enhancements you wish to have at the Checkout page to automatically add them to your booking. Mahalo

Reflexology 30min. is supplemental foot treatment able to be added to any of the 60min. 90min. and 120min. massage, facial and Spa Journey treatments for guests requiring additional time for focus exclusively on feet, plantar muscle, ankles, achilles tendon, calves up to the base of the knee work.


A 30min version of our 60min. Reflexology treatment comprising pressure point, acupressure therapy, shiatsu, thai foot massage concepts combined to trigger various nervous system response to vital organs interconnected to points along the soles of the feet. Additionally recommended for guests actively walking, running, hiking, or pain in the soles of the feet attributable to organ dysfunctions and stress. Reflexology utilizes primarily hands and fingers, thumbs to knead, stroke, and apply various degrees of pressure to vital points and provide work around the feet, ankles, ankle musculatures, achilles tendons, front and back portions of the calf muscle up to the base of the knee. Recommended as a revitalizing aid for mountain climbers, hikers and guests utilizing their feet as primary modes of transportation with sluggish heavy feet.