Honua Therapeutic Massage 120min Therapist Recommended

$144.00 excluding tax $150.80 including 4.72% tax 2 hours

-Online Bookings are 24 hours in advance. For emergency immediate appointments, please give us a call direct at +1 (808) 382-6565 .

Honua Therapeutic 120min. Custom Massage is our maximum duration best suited for guests with many extensive critical problem areas also requiring left, right hemisphere work, full front and back of body massage. Careful intake and conference is conducted with the guest to implement any and all massage styles, traditions to formulate effective solutions for each guest’s unique conditions and requests. Custom Massages are performed by massage therapists with extensive experience in various massage styles and wide range of modes. Very Effective for guests with variable pressure preferences from soft, medium, firm, strong, requiring relief for many specific connecting problem areas and conditions from injury recovery, sustained long duration kneading and repeated pressure, high mental, physical stress, anxiety relief to promote delta wave sleep and restoration of sleep cycles and rhythms. Also recommended for physically active guests, sports participants, amateur to professional athletes desiring extensive work as a recovery aid, prehabilitation, rehabilitation from injury, muscle strains and chronic pain.

Please see the 60min. and 90min. durations of this treatment if you receive massage on a regular or semi regular basis. If you require additional Add-Ons and Enhancements to increase the effectiveness of your treatment, please confer with your massage therapist at the time of your appointment. If there are no appointments following your appointment or wish to make additions and alterations, other than the Spa Journey Treatments requiring preparation time, we are very flexible and will be more than happy to accommodate your requested changes.

Our therapists and I favor this treatment most, because of the flexibility and freedom to explore without limitations solutions to a guest’s specific preferences and needs. Please confer with your therapist or contact us directly for recommendations on whether a regular or semi regular treatment schedule maybe beneficial going forward to further sustain and improve your specific conditions. Mahalo


Our #1 most popular massage treatment designed specifically for full customization and tailoring various modes of massage. Add in Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Shiatsu massage elements etc. into your massage treatments. The 120 min. is highly recommended for guests who have never or rarely receive massage treatments on a regular or semi regular basis. Allow your massage therapist to fully utilize all crafts in their tool box to assist you in creating a massage best suited for your specific needs, pressure preferences and relief from specific problem areas and conditions.

*Please confer as much detail as possible to your therapist or at reception as we wish to provide you with the most effective massage treatment possible in the given time.