How CBD Helps Your Body to Fully Recover

Written by: Bojana Petkovic

Project Manager of

Loud Cloud Health

Here at Honua Therapeutic Massage, we have taken great care to study and master the use of various oils with the aim to reap the benefits.

Out of those oils, CBD oil is the one that we have learned to integrate and utilize to its fullest potential, providing our clients with the maximum level of health benefits possible from the oil.

What Are CBD Health Advantages?

Let’s explain some basic scientific facts about this wonderful compound to truly grasp its significance.

The cannabis plant contains approximately 100 different chemical compounds. Those varieties and mixtures of compounds are known as cannabinoids. CBD is one of them. It is mostly used in the oil form to make all sorts of CBD products: lotions, topicals, edibles, capsules, patches, and so on.

CBD oil has been proven by science to offer immense health benefits, and it does so with few to no adverse side effects. Research shows it is very efficient in treating pain due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Anti-oxidative features found its applications in the CBD beauty industry. In addition, cannabidiol is recommendable for treating anxiety and sleep disorders.

It is also important to note that while being derived from cannabis plants, CBD oil will not get you “high.” In fact, CBD oils are free from all psychoactive effects, something which has been instrumental in the federally legalized support that CBD is gaining in a growing list of countries.

Treat Yourself and Feel the Benefits

One of our most effective treatments is the CBD total massage. The treatment offers an experience that is second to none and provides relief from ailments such as insomnia, fatigue, high stress, and anxiety, to name a few conditions.

Our CBD total massage first involves taking a CBD tincture internally, a process that prepares our guests to receive the full treatment. The next step is a consultation to understand the needs and goals of our guests. We then proceed with the massage using our therapeutic grade CBD oil. And finally, we offer you some CBD tea to extend the benefits of the treatment.

Our massages utilize the anti-inflammatory and extensive health benefits of CBD oil, while also providing skillful and attentive treatments from our well-trained and highly-experienced therapists.

For more detailed information, take a look at more CBD statistics and facts in this easy-to-read infographic!

A Budding Industry: CBD Statistics & Trends


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